Trade Crypto with Awareness

The only indicator you will ever need to trade crypto successfully. It was developed especially for Bitcoin, however you can use it on any assets.

What is Bitcoin Indicator?

It’s one of the best tools for traders. With B.I. you can identify the best entries on the market. It was developed for the 30m Heikin Ashi chart but it can be used on any chart type/ timeframe. The values for the Signals can be set manually according to the timeframe you trade on. It can be also used for altcoins, FX or any other assets. The Bitcoin Indicator package comes with 2 indicators;

Bitcoin Indicator A

bitcoin indicator A

This will give you trading signals and draw the actual trend cloud to the chart. The signals can be traded even without the trendlines as they are pretty accurate, however use my strategies for the maximum safety possible in this game.

Bitcoin Indicator B

Bitcoin Indicator B will show you the amount of money flows in & out the market in real-time. When money flows into Bitcoin, the hills are getting bigger & bigger.
It will show also Divergences and Magic Dots which are the most accurate trading signals. Read more about it on the Divergences page.
money flow
bitcoin indicator a

3 Built-in Strategies

The Signals come from 3 different built in strategies. The Indicator analyzes 4 main indicators to look for confirmations. The combination of these confirmations make the Signals.

All of these strategies were created to look for trend continuation entries. Sensitivity & Strength can be set on strategies named “Continuation” and “Trend Check” while there is an extra safety mode on “Pump&Dump”. Let’s play around with the values and see how the signals change. You can also turn on/ off the strategies one by one. This way you can easily filter the very best signals.

The default set were optimized to 30m Heikin Ashi chart but it can be used with normal candles, too. Perfectly works on any timeframe also. There are alert options for each strategy.

Complex Divergence Indication

There are divergence indications in Bitcoin Indicator B which will show you the most accurate Money Flow divergences. You can turn them on/ off also set alert option for anything. Let’s say you want to get notification if there is a Regular Bullish Divergence on the 30m ETH chart. Just set it and forget about other signals… you will get notified just in time!

Both Regular and Hidden divergences can be catched with the Bitcoin Indicator. If this wouldn’t be enough Magic Dots are located on the top and bottom of Indicator B.

These dots also indicate divergences but not for the money flow itself. There are some other oscillators built-in which are being analyzed nonstop to find the best entries for you. These oscillators are unvisible for users because of the simplicity.

Colors, Money Flow levels can be changed manually in case it’s needed. You can also set alerts for each money flow level.


Trading or Gambling

bitcoin balance

Some people say trading with high leverage is more like gambling while others make a living from it… you decide.

However the Bitcoin Indicator fits for both Trading and Gambling. With enough patience, presistence and practice you can be successful in long-term. With this indicator you will get everything you need on your journey in one package.

High Risk​ - High Reward

Frequently Asked Questions

Trading is never safe. It’s a high-risk activity whatever tool you use, however the Bitcoin Indicator will definitely help you to be a successful trader in long-term.

Purchase the indicator and follow the instructions in the user guide. It will guide you through all the steps.

No. It’s a one time payment. Lifetime access.

Of course. There are alert options for everything. Signals, Trend change, Money Flow etc.

It depends on your trading style. The signals can be traded even with 100x leverage if you are an experienced trader.

You can pay with Bitcoin only.

Nope. I have a Telegram group @bitcoinindicator

Unfortunately there is no trial option available.

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