Advertise your Project on our Website

The Bitcoin Indicator website has ~10,000 visitors each day and we are still growing. If you are looking for a great platform to advertise for crypto users… you are at the best place!

Your spendings will depend on your daily budget and the impressions your banner receive. Your ad will be displayed on several pages of the Bitcoin Indicator website. As there are more advertisers targeting our website you will see other banners appearing as well, however you can increase your daily budget so your banner will win more impressions.

We accept cryptocurrency related businesses only. No KYC required at this moment. We have a partnership with Anonymous Ads so if you would like to promote on our website you can easily do it through this link: A-ads Banner: Bitcoin Indicator

728×90 – Main Banner on the Homepage

300×250 – Placed into articles

320×100 – About page

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