Balance Management

Balance management is one of the most important things when it comes to trading. If you want to become a successful trader in long-term you just can’t avoid this.

“You win some you lose some as long as the outcome is income.”

So in nutshell, trading is definitely not about winning all the trades. That’s kinda impossible. We all have losing trades but if we can make profit in long term we just won the game. Balance management can be done several ways, however the Bitcoin Indicator has it’s very own.

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If you want to go with the spirit of the Bitcoin Indicator this is what you have to do;

Let’s assume you have $10,000 in total to trade with. In this case you will deposit 9,000 USDT to your Spot and 1,000 USDT to the Derivatives account which is stand for leverage trading. Transfering funds between Spot and Derivatives is really simple and fast. It takes literally less than a second.

So once you have 10% of your total capital in your Derivatives account you can start trading. Choose your favorite asset and use our trading strategy to find entries. The leverage really depends on which asset you trade but let me explain this way;

Check the lower timeframes (we usually trade 1/3/5m). If your coin makes around 1-2% moves in average you want to use 30-35x leverage for your trades. This way you will have 2% gap between entry and liquidation price. As you may noticed this is very risky but keep reading to understand the concept of this trading plan.

So if you have 2% gap you will set your Stop Loss to 1.9% (right next to the liquidation price). This way you will lose “only” ~60% of your balance if things don’t play out as expected. 60% is a lot, yet if you let it liquidate you will lose 100%…

In case of losing a trade just fill up your Derivatives account from Spot balance or continue trading with the remaining balance… it’s up to you but I prefer re-filling it because I don’t like to re-build the starting balance after a ~60% loss. I rather restart my *trading session with the same starting balance as before.

And here is the good part; your Take Profit will be around 1% so if you win the trade you will make ~30% profit. Obviously when you trade you will keep watching the chart and if it explodes you will just let it run into 40-50% profit… or even more.

Re-invest your profit so use the total balance in Derivatives account for your next trades. This way you can multiple your balance with a few trades. Once you 7x your starting balance you will have 7,000 USDT in Derivatives. It can take from a few days to one or two weeks… depends on how much time you put into trading. So once you 7x it just transfer 3,000-5,000 USDT to Spot and keep continue trading with the remaining. This is the point when you actually realize your profit. As an experienced trader you will be able to win much more trades in a row so you will be able to make even 10x or more in each session.

*Trading session starts when you have 10% balance of your total capital in Derivatives account ready for trading and ends with profit realizing from Derivatives to Spot. In worst-case scenario it ends up losing a trade (in case the remaining balance will be less than the 10% of the total capital). However the goal of each session is winning as many trades in a row as possible. The more risks you take the higher the return!

"Safety Player" Mode

This type of balance management is golden. No question about it. However it’s really not for everyone. In case you feel bad after losing a trade and u are willing to do revange trades which end up losing your capital… you should definitely follow the safety player mode.

Actually the only difference is using low leverage like 5-10x maximum. This way you will take around 5-10% sometimes 15% profit on each trade and you will experience much less losing trades. The progress will be slower, yet more comfortable. It’s important realizing profit from time to time even with low leverage trading as crypto market is volatile… anything can happen.

Now you got the point of our unique Balance Management so it’s time to win as many trades as possible. Use our main trading strategy or analize the Indicator and build your own… the possibilites are endless with the Bitcoin Indicator!

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