The Bitcoin Indicator worth much more than $250 but I want to keep it available for as many people as I can. I exactly know the potential of my indicator and I really do believe in your success. With the commissions after your trades our connection will become a long-term mutual contribution. Please feel free to join to my Telegram Group for some positive energy.

1. Register to bybit

As bybit doesn’t want to make KYC required for it’s traders there are some restricted countries which just don’t accept this. If you are from one of them you have to use VPN each time you log into bybit from desktop or phone. If your country is not on the list you can use the platform without any issue.

The registration process is very simple. You can register with your email or phone number. There is no KYC needed, however you can verify your account later if you want to withdraw more than 2 BTC per day.

2. Make a deposit

Deposit some crypto which you will trade with. You can deposit any assets you want. I’d recommend USDT as it has the most trading pairs, however you will be able to exchange your funds anytime.

You can also claim upto $600 bonus in rewards. For more info go to “Rewards Hub” menu on bybit.

If you finished both steps paste your user ID below.