How to choose your Trading Strategy

Choosing the right trading strategy is the key of success. There are many strategies available, however it’s enough using only one or two as it can be confusing to focus on more…

We have described some strategies in the User Guide which you can choose from. Also you can develop your own strategies, too. The right strategy depends on the timeframe you want to trade on so first you have to decide if you will trade higher or lower timeframes. You can go with higher leverage on low timeframes using Money Flow strategies for example. Choose the one you like the most and look entries mostly for that one.

There are many altcoins available on bybit which you can trade. If you keep checking them you will surely find an entry according to your favorite strategy. Some traders mostly wait for the perfect opportunity on Bitcoin only and ignore other coins… it’s really up to you.

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Find your Style

As I mentioned you don’t have to use more than one strategy as it can be confusing also you can find a trade opportunity almost anytime. Choose the one accroding to your trading style.

Trading style depends on a lot of details like your freetime, risk taking, trading plan etc. With time you will understand your needs & expectations also you will see what the market gives. This way you will find your trading style as well. Are you a swing trader, day trader or scapler? Time will decide.

If you are a safety player you will probably start your journey as a swing trader with lower leverage, higher timeframe. No rush you have time to learn and pratience. You rather wait days or even weeks for a single trade just to make sure it’s gonna be a winner one. You are the “I don’t want to risk my money” guy and you are absolutely true. Money is important in life and you earn it with hard work… appreciate it properly!

In case you like taking some risks but have a long-term plan in your mind let’s try day trading as it should fit for you. Choose a strategy from the User Guide, set medium leverage and start analyzing the chart. You know there are a lot of trade opportunities during the week and you are ready to jump into. You just need some extra confirmation so maybe you will mix 2 strategies to find your entries. You are smart and wise enough to understand the nature of the cryptocurrency market and this is great!

If you are a crazy badass “carpe diem” guy you definitely want to go with scalping. You like having fun and life is a gambling for you, isn’t?! The crypto market will be your new playground. Scalping is highly risky and that’s why you love it. Sitting on an opened position for days is just too boring for you. Win or lose the trade in minutes and look for the next one meanwhile. Money come ‘n go with ease so let’s play!

Claim the discount & find your style!

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