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Bitcoin Indicator Package

The Bitcoin Indicator package comes with the Bitcoin Indicator A/B and a deeply detailed User Guide. You will get access to the indicator through Tradingview also receive the guide via email.

The user guide contains the followings;

  • Basics (Tradingview, Bybit, Indicator)
  • How to choose leverage on different timeframes
  • Strategies for Signals/ Trend Cloud/ Money Flow
  • The “High Leverage Trading Methode”
  • How I use the Bitcoin Indicator
  • Some extra tips for the success

Whatever package you choose you will get the exact same thing. There is difference only in their price. After payment please allow a few hours. If you don’t receive the email just get in touch.


$ 500
  • Full Price


$ 250
  • 50% Off
Best Selling

*Both packages include lifetime updates.

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